Cars Registry

Our goal is to create the first registry of Aston Martin Zagato cars produced since 1961.

The registry is arranged according to 4 generations of Aston Martin Zagato cars, which are:
  • DB4 GT Zagato ;
  • V8 Vantage Zagato and V8 Volante Zagato ;
  • DB7 Zagato and DB AR1 ;
  • V12 Zagato.
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato register:
DB4 GT Z was designed to compete with Ferrari in racing. Aston Martin cars had to be lighter to become faster and win rivalry. Zagato, having an amazing experience in building aerodynamic-shaped aluminium cars, was a perfect coachbuilder to approach. That is how the partnership's begun. Thanks to an extraordinary encyclopedia, you will find the photos of all the DB4 GT Zagato that had been manufactured.

DB4 GT Zagato registry - Part I
DB4 GT Zagato registry - Part II
DB4 GT Zagato registry - Part III
DB4 GT Zagato registry - Part IV
The Aston Martin V8 Vantage & Volante Zagato:
The V8 cars were built in a purpose of creating high speed supercars. Simplicity and balance of design are the main characteristics of these cars. The shape is rather odd and uncommon, nevertheless the V8 are regardless of time. The Vantage were produced from the chassis number series V8ZGR 20010 to V8ZHR 20061 (except 20042) ; the Volante were produced from the chassis number series V8JR 30007 to V8ZJL 30045 (30033 and 30034 were not made). 

The Aston Martin DB7 Zagato & DB AR1 register:
Thanks to its commercial success the DB7 saved the company. Aston Martin decides to glorify the DB7 and the end of its production by creating the DB7 Zagato, made exclusively for the European market. Its splendid design by Norihiko Harada is a tribute to the DB4 GT Zagato legendary car. After an extraordinary recognition of this DB7 Z, the legendary DB AR1 had also been honored by the manufacturing of the DB AR1 for the U.S. market. The challenge was tough, but the result was truly stunning and sublime. The list of DB7 Zagato and DB AR1 cars was published in the Aston Martin Owner's Book.

DB AR1 and DB7 official brochure

Official Aston Martin DB7 Zagato registry

Official Aston Martin DB AR1 registry
 → The Aston Martin V12 Zagato register:
The V12 was created to celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the mythical collaboration between Aston Martin and Zagato. The registry is on the developing stage.

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